Membership fees

Membership fees are based on annual fee, however monthly debit order facilities are also available. An unlimited package is also available for the members who play more than the average weekend golfer.

Annual membership starts 1 July until 30 June.

As from 1 December the  fees will be calculated on pro rata. Please note that these rates are only valid from the month of application til the end of June of the following year, not for the month of application to the following year that month. there after full rates will apply onwards Please contact Pro Shop for details.

Full Member                    R2962.00

Country Member              R1795.00

Family Couple                  R5304.00

Family +1                         R6659.00

Family +2                         R7951.00

Family +3                         R9332.00

Junior (Scholar)               R1324.00

Pensionar/Student           R1738.00

Players Unlimited             R7871.00

Pension Players Unlimited R4468.00

Unlimited members do not pay for rounds, only competition fees

Monthly debit order                                              

Debit order facility available for packages

Once off new card fee and SAGA affiliation fee included from above, should a lost card be replaced an amount of R 183.00 will be charge on day of requesting card re order.